Why the Consumer Electronics... is becoming the Corporate Electronics...

It’s tempting to look at the annual consumer gadget bonanza that is the Consumer Electronics Show as interesting, but largely a side-show when it comes to the world of enterprise IT. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

With the continuing growth of the bring your own device trend, for example, your clients are soon going to be deluged by users wanting them to support all the cool new gadgets introduced in Las Vegas. If your clients are going to have to manage them, they should know what’s coming. And when they come to you for help, you should have the answers.

One enterprise executive that has kept his finger on the pulse of consumer technology is Oliver Bussman, CIO of German enterprise software vendor SAP AG(NYSE: SAP). He has deployed over 18,000 iPads to SAP’s global workforce, and maintains an app store of authorized apps.

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Bussmann attended this year’s CES, and shares his observations about what it all means for the world of enterprise IT in this video.

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