Rogers is trying to become increasingly relevant in the enterprise space.

The company has introduced Rogers Public Cloud, a Canadian infrastructure ‘as-a-service’ (IaaS) solution.

The shared cloud environment is accessed through a web portal and comes with 24 x 7 support.

Data is stored in a Canadian data centre owned by OVH, a European cloud provider. It is in compliance with data sovereignty requirements, and monitored around the clock by bilingual staff.

Rogers claims energy efficiency is achieved with 30 per cent outside air cooling and 70 per cent liquid cooling.

In recent months, Rogers has added both managed security and IoT as a service to its list of enterprise offerings.

This move follows a December announcement from Telus, who said that it would be among the first companies to use Microsoft’s Canadian data centres to offer hybrid cloud.

According to Rogers, its existing capabilities include 17 data centres across Canada, including four Tier III data centres in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Ottawa.

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