Canadian smart watch vendor Neptune of Montreal has some stiff competition in the Apple Watch or the Samsung Gear.

Neptune is trying to differentiate itself by claiming to have a wearable that’s actually smart. In this episode of All Hands on Tech, we get an opportunity to see if Neptune’s claim is true.

For starters, Neptune has changed things up in comparison to Apple or Samsung. Those smart watches depend on the smartphone to supply the main computing power. The Neptune Hub, instead, acts as the main computing power and the screen is the companion device. So all your personal information is actually attached to your body. Or as the company says: “Your wrist rules.”

Sporting a quad-core processor and support for 3G/4G, WiFi, GPS, BlueTooth and NFC, the Neptune Hub can also be used to complete many tasks more quickly than a smartphone. You can write a text message by using to finger to form letters on the touch screen. Or use your voice to dictate a message.

You can make a phone call or launch a video chat at the tap of a finger.

In terms of pricing, Neptune is asking customer’s to make a pledge. If they pledge $199 now they will get a $200 savings when the watch ships and just have to pay $399.

Watch this video review of the Neptune Duo for more.


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