What does Facebook success mean to social business?

Facebook Inc. had a good week by Wall Street standards with a surge of about 28 per cent. Facebook's stock price is still behind its initial public offering, but that should not be a

Published on: July 25th, 2013 Paolo Del Nibletto

How TD Bank became a social business

How do you calculate the ROI on tools that create entirely new forms of collaborations? According to a senior IT executive, sometimes you don't. In this episode of CIO TV, a new series

Published on: June 28th, 2013 CDN Staff

Real, responsive customer service

Last Saturday, the wife went shopping at Stanford Mall…O.K., so that’s not unusual and not particularly exciting or for most males. The next day, she had a thank you email from the associate

Published on: June 7th, 2013 Paolo Del Nibletto

Catch up with CDN on social media

It’s been awhile since we've done a round-up of all the ways you can follow CDN through social media and get the latest channel news in real time, so I thought it would

Published on: June 4th, 2013 Jeff Jedras

Tumblr has 1.1 billion reasons to say Yahoo!

In a blockbuster acquisition announced Monday, Yahoo Inc. announced it has reached a definitive agreement to acquire social media network Tumblr in a deal worth US$1.1 billion, which will substantially  be payable in

Published on: May 21st, 2013 Jeff Jedras

Avnet launches mobile data centre solution with EMC

Value-added distributor Avnet Technology Solutions used this week’s EMC World conference in Las Vegas to launch the Avnet Mobile Data Center Solution for EMC VSPEX. Now available to and through Avnet’s channel partners

Published on: May 9th, 2013 CDN Staff

IBM unveils new business processes for the cloud

At its Impact Conference in Las Vegas, IBM outlined new business process and integration software and services aim at accelerating the adoption of cloud computing, mobility, big data and social business. According to an IBM

Published on: April 30th, 2013 CDN Staff

Facebook introduces smartphone software called Home

American novelist Thomas Wolfe once penned “You Can’t Go Home Again” and we’re unsure if Facebook Inc. founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg ever read Wolfe’s book, but today’s announcement that the social networking

Published on: April 4th, 2013 Paolo Del Nibletto

Quebec solution provider creates broadcasting solution

Montreal-based solution provider Victrix launches a new personalized broadcasting system that enables organizations to share targeted information with different groups in various locations. This centralized communication system is targeted for customers with employees who do

Published on: March 22nd, 2013 CDN Staff

The Internet everyone wants to own

The one thing you have to say about anything developed by an engineer or scientist is that it's never really finished. That was the vision of the Internet. A bunch of engineers and

Published on: February 4th, 2013 Paolo Del Nibletto

And Facebook’s mysterious announcement is…

After weeks of speculation Facebook has unveiled it's mysterious announced. Are you ready? A new, smarter search engine called Graph Search. What's Graph Search? Well, Graph Search, according to Facebook bloggers Tom Stocky

Published on: January 15th, 2013 CDN Staff

Machines begin taking social out of Social Media

Marketing and communications (publicity) folks were so busy jockeying to show they were running, managing and controlling social media they didn't noticed they had lost it to the machines … all of it.

Published on: January 3rd, 2013 Max Spindle

Five new social business tips to help connect with customers

Today's wired world requires many businesses and organizations to have an online presence. That's a great thing for consumers like me - I personally love to read about new products or news about

Published on: December 11th, 2012 David Lee King

Facebook isn’t failing; no matter what investors say

I’ve been a Facebook user for many years. I like the platform the social networking site offers me, my friends, work-colleagues and more importantly the channel audience. Recently Facebook has received a lot of negative

Published on: August 21st, 2012 Paolo Del Nibletto