Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meeting with Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff

Published: February 8th, 2018

Two new ways reduce labour costs, while increasing sales

Do more: it's an expectation imposed on sales reps constantly. Every year, quotas go up, KPIs get revised and the number of people that need to be served keeps climbing. And… it's happening

Published on: November 27th, 2017 Colleen Francis

How to define your best customers

Recently we surveyed our loyal readers at, and asked them what they would rank as this year's top sales challenges in their respective organizations. We were really pleased with the feedback we

Published on: July 19th, 2017 Colleen Francis

Anticipating a loss? Then plan for growth

You can’t grow your business unless you are first able to predict losses. That’s not done with guesswork. It means having a reliable system to accurately forecast when clients are going to leave,

Published on: June 22nd, 2017 Colleen Francis

Don’t count time, make time count

I often receive time management questions from sales reps. This week I thought I would provide you some of the best time management tips I have used to help stay focused and make

Published on: June 5th, 2017 Colleen Francis

Technology’s role in sales: Adapt and adopt or get left behind

We’re now more than one generation deep into a Digital Revolution: one that is every bit as profound as the Industrial Revolution that preceded it, and we are still learning as we go

Published on: May 26th, 2017 Colleen Francis

3 more steps for building your inside track to accelerated sales

In my previous article, I reviewed the first three key steps to improving the revenue-generating capacity of your business by building your own inside track for sales. To complete your plan for success, here

Published on: May 15th, 2017 Colleen Francis

3 steps for building your inside track to accelerated sales

This column is the first of two parts from Colleen Francis. Look for part two in a future edition of CDN Now newsletter Improving the revenue-generating capacity of your business hinges on accelerated

Published on: May 5th, 2017 Colleen Francis

The Future of Sales: Building the right team for revenue success

This is the sixth column in a six part series on the future of sales that Colleen Francis wrote for the Adobe Document Cloud Blog. What does the future of sales look like? Having

Published on: April 28th, 2017 Colleen Francis

The role of tech in the future of sales (It’s even bigger than you think)

Conventional wisdom says the primary role of technology in sales today is to make us more efficient. But what does that really mean? Efficiency is no longer just doing the same things we used to

Published on: February 9th, 2017 Colleen Francis

Replace your written sales tactics with video using Vidyard’s new tool

Email might be the first method of contact for many a channel representative, but if your clickthrough rates are barely hovering above three per cent and you think you can make a better

Published on: January 11th, 2017 Eric Emin Wood

Cloud is the new normal says AWS CEO

LAS VEGAS – As Amazon Web Services works on the second generation cloud, company CEO Andy Jassy says cloud is the new norm despite statistics that says cloud adoption is far behind on

Published on: November 30th, 2016 Paolo Del Nibletto

The cloud has won in the market: What’s next?

TORONTO - With 30,000 current customers, 400 new clients per quarter, and a projected revenue of almost $1 billion for the first time this fiscal year, NetSuite Inc. believes that the cloud is

Published on: November 8th, 2016 Alex Radu

CRM solution provider re-imagined for 2017

Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions provider, Maximizer Services, has released Maximizer CRM 2017, the latest edition of its CRM platform. Maximizer CRM 2017 features new automation, enhanced business process configuration, expanded API infrastructure,

Published on: November 1st, 2016 Alex Radu

Salesforce & Sage partner for new workflow tools

SAN FRANCISCO — Small and medium-sized businesses that use Sage to manage their accounting and some aspect of Inc.’s cloud suite has some new tools that should help improve their workflow today.

Published on: October 6th, 2016 Brian Jackson