Apple will replace your iPad if battery fails

After facing criticism--and lawsuits--in the past over the irreplaceable batteries in its products, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) appears determined to get in front of the issue with the Apple iPad. Three weeks before

Published on: March 15th, 2010 Jeff Porten

Apple iPad production is on track

According to a report on Digitimes, Apple's hardware manufacturing partner Foxconn Electronics has confirmed that it is on schedule to ship 600,000 to 700,000 iPads in March, and a further 1 million iPads

Published on: March 4th, 2010 CDN Staff

The enterprise opportunity Apple doesn’t want you to know about

There probably isn't a week that goes by without an enterprise IT manager hearing one of their users lament “why can't I have one of those cool iMacs instead of this boring, grey

Published on: February 8th, 2010 Jeff Jedras

PC vs. Mac deathmatch: Snow Leopard beats Windows 7

I have a confession: I'm a switcher. My long journey with Windows, which began even before Windows with MS-DOS, ended with Windows Vista. While so many others navigated the Vista debacle by sticking

Published on: October 28th, 2009 Curtis Franklin Jr.

Must-have apps for Apple iPhone photographers

IPhone photographers have learned to delight in their camera's limitations and imperfections, using them as a starting point for creating artistic images. It's no coincidence that many of the most popular photography apps

Published on: October 16th, 2009 Heather Kelly

Top five biggest disappointments from Apple’s music event

With before Apple's (NASDAQ: AAPL) music- and iPod-themed event yesterday, it's not surprising that some potential announcements didn't make the cut. In hindsight, most of the false rumors we heard beforehand seem like

Published on: September 11th, 2009 Jared Newman

Ten good things about Snow Leopard for IT admins

While Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) didn't promise much in the way of marquee features with Mac OS X 10.6, there are still plenty of under-the-hood changes and minor additions and enhancements in Snow Leopard

Published on: September 4th, 2009 John C. Welch

Shopping the Apple App Store

The App Store from Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) which recently celebrated its first anniversary, remains the largest smart phone applications store in the world, with more than 65,000 apps to choose from. Roughly 1.5

Published on: August 31st, 2009 Jennifer Kavur

Apple Snow Leopard’s top 11 new features

Snow Leopard may be a "minor" update to Mac OS X, with a US$29 upgrade price and a focus on improved speed and reliability, but it's still bursting at the seams with tweaks,

Published on: August 27th, 2009 CDN Staff

Get me rewrite: Microsoft alters Laptop Hunter ads

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) COO Kevin Turner may have done "cartwheels down the hallway" when Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) called him to complain about the Redmond, Wash.-based company's "Laptop Hunters" campaign. But he must have

Published on: July 27th, 2009 Philip Michaels

Google OS means actual netbooks, not Apple trouble

In the week or so since Google (NSDAQ: GOOG) announced it's going to release its own operating system, the Web has been littered with commentary and analysis about "what this means" for one

Published on: July 17th, 2009 Dan Frakes

Five fab apps for iPhone OS 3.0 and the new 3GS

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) has an interesting pie-slicing problem coming as far as developers of iPhone (and iPod Touch) applications are concerned. All of those first- and second-generation iPhones run the same operating

Published on: July 7th, 2009 Dan Turner

Palm’s Pre vs Apple’s iPhone

I have a confession to make: About two years ago I made a big mistake and bought a phone designed for mere mortals when what I really wanted was an Apple iPhone</a. Don't

Published on: June 15th, 2009 Brian Nadel

Pushing Apple into the enterprise mainstream

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) isn't all about iPods and iPhones anymore. While Apple has long been considered a consumer player, more businesses are starting to take Apple seriously. In Canada, Synnex has had a

Published on: June 11th, 2009 Vawn Himmelsbach