Published: April 3rd, 2013

It seems that each day company CEO Marissa Mayer is making Yahoo more interesting.

Today it’s a partnership with file hosting service Dropbox Inc. The company is introducing a native Dropbox integration within  Yahoo Mail. This will enable users to save and upload attachments in Yahoo Mail to and from Dropbox, send attachments directly from Dropbox through Yahoo Mail and send large files of approximately 25MB in Yahoo Mail using the Dropbox service.

According to Yahoo, there are more than 300 million attachments sent using Yahoo Mail daily that include large files such as photos, spreadsheets, and even some documents.

The company is positioning this Dropbox integration as another example of how Yahoo  creates partnerships that help improve the user experience.

The Dropbox service has gained in popularity because provides client software for Windows, BlackBerry, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS and Web browsers. The company recently acquired the email management application for iOS Mailbox.