When does Apple’s Tim Cook era really begin?

Published: August 25th, 2011

August 25, 2011

When does Apple’s Tim Cook era really begin?


Larry Dignan looks at what a new CEO means for the company’s products.

“Now there’s a strong management bench at Apple so there are multiple players in on product designs and roadmaps. But at some point the CEO owns the success or failure of future Apple products.”

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Misery at Acer: ‘Breaking even this year is impossible’

The Register

Brid-Aine Parnell reports on the company’s troubles.

“The troubles started for netbook giant Acer with the arrival and subsequent soaring popularity of tablets, particularly the iPad. Falling revenues prompted the acrimonious departure of its CEO Gianfranco Lanci in March this year, after he disagreed with the board over the future direction of the company.”

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RIM on the outs: who wants a slice of BlackBerry pie?

Ars Technica

looks at who might want to buy the ailing company.

“Should RIM be looking for buyers at all? After all, the company is still growing both sales and profits at a more than respectable pace. In fiscal year 2011, which ended in February, revenue was up by 33 percent year-over-year and earnings jumped 47 percent. Many CEOs would sell their mothers for numbers like that.”

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