Published: April 22nd, 2014

Virtualization company VMware Inc. says a new cloud-based disaster recovery service it is offering will simplify and cut the cost of DR for many organizations.

Business continuity is critical for any business, but only a small fraction of applications used by an organization are continuously protected. This is because DR solution can be expensive and complicated, according to  VMware.

Its answer is vCloud Hybrid Service-Disaster Recovery, a replication and hosting service designed for businesses with limited or no DR solutions in place as well as organizations looking to replace traditional solutions managed in-house or managed by a service provider. For a starting price of US$835/month, the vCloud Hydrid Service provides a continuously available recovery site for a VMware virtualized data centre, as well as 1TB of storage and standby capacity The service touts a recovery point objective (RPO) of up to 15 minutes.

DR services typically require expensive professional services to install and maintain, according to Jerry Sanchez, vice-president of Texas-based IT services firm Hosting Operations. However, data and applications are in vCloud and are “ready to go whenever trouble strikes.”

“Everyone want enterprise-class disaster recovery, but without the complexity and cost of traditional DR,” he said. “We know how to administer vShpere, so simplicity and familiarity of administering vCloud is just as easy, making this service a natural fit for us.”

The service includes:

• Standby capacity on vCloud Hybrid Service
• Self-service asynchronous replication, failover and failback
• 15 minutes – 24 hour RPO
• Initial data seeding by shipping a disk (Offline Data Transfer)
• Remote management and monitoring, with production-level support
• US$835/month including 1TB of storage, standby compute capacity and two, seven day DR tests