The importance of identity access management policies

Published: October 7th, 2008

October 7, 2008
Secure critical information through identity management
Network World
Searths explains the importance of implementing an identity access management policy within an organization.

“Identity access management is gaining popularity with many companies wanting to protect their critical resources from being mishandled. Identity management also ensures compliance, by maintaining audit reports of system access. This is very essential for IT security and governance initiatives. Identity Management ensures that identity audit is done periodically so that the company’s resources are secure and is compliant with IT rules and regulations.”

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HP preps secret iPhone rival
The Register
Austin Modine writes about HP’s new smartphone which will be available to consumer customers within the next two months.

“The new device will fall into the HP iPAQ line that has been punting Windows Mobile Smartphones for business use for the last year or so. Details on the consumer mobile are nearly nil aside from it having a touch screen, keypad, and running Windows Mobile 6.1, according to the WSJ. The phone will likely hit European retail stores by the end of 2008 and be released worldwide soon thereafter.”

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IBM launches beta of ‘Bluehouse,’ eyes Cisco’s WebEx
ZD Net
Larry Dignan writes about IBM’s new Bluehouse social networking and collaboration service that connects businesses with partners.

“The move, part of a broader effort to define IBM’s cloud computing strategy, will put it in direct competition with Cisco’s collaboration efforts and its WebEx unit. Big Blue says Bluehouse is designed to combine social networking and collaboration tools to connect businesses securely. IBM’s Bluehouse effort is a mirror image of Cisco and its SaaS plansfor WebEx.”

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