Published: May 3rd, 2017

Cisco Systems is getting serious about security and they just enlisted Tech Data to broaden its reach.

The distributor’s Technology Solutions unit will now be offering Cisco Security Incident Response Service for the channel in Canada and the U.S. This managed service uses the latest intelligence and engages all layers of defense. It is also designed to provide a range of capabilities to help organizations prepare, manage, respond to, and recover from security incidents.

Phillip Privett, Technology Solutions’ vice president, Cisco Solutions business for Tech Data, said enterprise IT systems are consistently under attack virtually everywhere, by viruses, malware, denial of service and studies show that security breaches cost hundreds of billions of dollars per year.

Privett added, there is also a worldwide shortage of security professionals that is impacting the channel’s ability and turnkey security response program such as the Cisco Security Incident Response Service can help.

The Cisco Security Incident Response Service is a solution within Cisco Security Advisory Services that provides the expertise to assess and design a security approach to help foster business growth, help reduce cost and mitigate risk. Cisco’s Incident Response Team synthesizes best practices and deploys information security experts with a blend of law enforcement, enterprise security and technology security backgrounds. This team works directly with Cisco’s Talos, the security intelligence and research group, to identify known and unknown threats, quantify and prioritize risk, and reduce risk in the future.

Canadian executive Andrew Sage, vice president, Americas Distribution at Cisco, said the Cisco Security Incident Response Service is the latest offering in the company’s go-to-market approach with Tech Data’s Technology Solutions team, and the mutual channel partners will benefit from the value found in their market know-how and security expertise.

Tech Data plans to combine Cisco’s Security Incident Response Service with other solutions available in the Technology Solutions portfolio. Channel partners will be able to access Tech Data’s solutions specialists along with complementary technology market segments, including cloud, cognitive computing, data analytics, the data centre, the internet of things (IoT), and mobility.

Ruckus Wireless

Tech Data also announced an agreement with Ruckus Wireless to offer indoor and outdoor “Smart Wi-Fi” products for channel partners. Through this agreement partners will also be able to connect with Tech Data professionals who specialize and are certified in Ruckus deployments.