Published: April 2nd, 2013

The marketplace has heard of SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and many other X-as-a-Service offerings. Today comes another one — VaaS, or video-as-a-service.

VaaS comes from Columbus, Ohio-based solution provider iQ Solutions Group, which is trying to expand its video-conferencing practice. iQ Solutions has developed expertise in converged communications, data centres, managed services and cloud-based solutions.

Mark Nield of iQ Solutions said video-conferencing is quickly surpassing audio conferencing as the main form of communication in business. Many organizations have made an investment in video endpoints for point-to-point calls and are now faced with the need to support multi-point conferences. iQSG’s VaaS offer provides an alternative, low-cost entry for multipoint calls without the need for a large capital expenditure for a video bridge. VaaS offer also provides flexibility and metrics for our clients to determine the right size video bridge if they wish to purchase.

Tom Richardson, also of iQ Solutions, added that the requirement for businesses to be quick to market and able to meet the changing demands of their clients makes VaaS a great tool for any size company. The rapid growth and deployment of tablets and smartphone technology provides easy access to anyone, anytime and and on any device. Interoperability with Microsoft Lync, phones lines and any standard video endpoint extends and enhances prior investments, he said.