Published: March 26th, 2013

To the private or to the public cloud, that is the question. According to a survey of corporate cloud users by Everest Group, for most the answer remains private cloud.

According to a report from Information Week, the report found that 70 per cent of respondents prefer a private cloud for ERP, 60 per cent prefer it for email and collaboration and 55 per cent prefer it for custom applications.

The report indicated that companies may be “overestimating” the challenges around the public cloud. But for those companies that have taken the leap, Amazon Web Services remains the top choice at 27 per cent of public cloud users, followed by Google App Engine and Compute Engine, Microsoft Azure and Rackspace.

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The results are a little different from the second annual State of Cloud Storage Report, produced by Natick, Mass.-based solution provider Nasuni. This report, which tested the performance of five public clouds, ranked Microsoft Azure first, topping Amazon S3.