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Published: May 31st, 2016

If you had trouble hiring in the past year or so, you are not alone.

According to a new study, nearly half of IT leaders, or 46 per cent surveyed, had difficulty filling IT positions in the past 12 months.

Data from the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) suggests that the IT skill gap in Canada is being felt by many. The survey canvassed 1,200 Canadian Internet users and 300 leaders in Canadian IT firms, the organization said.

Some 55 per cent of those surveyed said that recruiting and retaining the right talent is necessary for global competitiveness.

Four in ten IT leaders had trouble finding the right skills for positions, yet the vast majority – 73 per cent – said “made-in-Canada” solutions are crucial.

According to the report, they would like to see basic programming should be taught in high school. As many as 88 per cent said it should be part of the core secondary school curriculum.

Part of the issue in Canada still seems to be access.

Fifty-five per cent of those surveyed identified internet access as important to newcomers to Canada and 76 per cent identified it as important for rural communities. Lastly, 73 per cent of Internet users said technology providers need to ensure access to all Canadians