Microsoft and the channel by the numbers

Published: July 16th, 2010

Washington, D.C. – There are many numbers and figures being floated around at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference this week.

The biggest number that Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) always cites is 640,000 partners worldwide, which is a huge number, but does it really mean anything? In reality, Microsoft includes many companies that are unmanaged. These are partners, many of them Mom & Pop shops, shops that resell software, or one or two person development shops.

But here are some other numbers that may resonate for you.

$537 billion: Microsoft’s 640,000 partners produce approximately $537 billion in local revenues last year.

$5.2 billon: Microsoft’s estimated total of channel partner investment which includes: $3.8 billion in channel incentives, $1 billion in partner marketing, $100 million in business investment fund, and about $200 million in direct partner benefits through the Microsoft Partner Network.

570 million: An astounding number of PC around the world that need modernize said Tami Reller, Microsoft’s chief finance executive.

40 million: According Reller, 40 million netbooks will be sold next year.

Six Million: Microsoft’s 640,000 partners generate more than six million highly skilled jobs.

390,000: Approximately 390,000 organizations are enrolled in the Microsoft Partner Network.

380,000: That is the amount of prospects Microsoft will make available to the channel under its PinPoint program and portal to partners worldwide.

370,000: That’s how many new PCs will be shipped next quarter because of Windows 7 adoption, Reller said.

19,611: CDN has learned that 19,611 leads will be made available for solution providers in Canada under Microsoft’s PinPoint program.

14,000: Just over 14,000 people attended the Microsoft Worldwide Partner conference in Washington, D.C.

9,000: The biggest ever channel partner attendance at the Worldwide Partner conference with more than 9,000 partners from around the world.

450: The biggest ever Canadian channel partner attendance in show history, with solution providers such as Long View Systems and Compugen bringing more than 10 staffers each.

250: Microsoft will be giving away 250 free licenses for internal use for Business Productivity Online Suite and CRM Online along with preferred partner pricing for solution providers who want more. That is a total of $25,000 worth of software.

74: About 74 per cent of businesses run XP.

19: According to IDC, the cloud will drive 19 per cent of new growth in software spending in 2013-2014 and cloud spending will grow five times faster (26 per cent compound annual growth rate) than all application spending. Microsoft at this conference announcement several cloud based products and strategies.

$11: Intune for $11 per PC, per month channel partners can offer customers a managed Pcs from 5 up to 25 seats per environment with security cloud components and Windows 7 Enterprise updates.

0: The amount of stores that carry the Microsoft Zune devices and service in Canada.

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