Published: May 1st, 2013

Emerson Network Power has introduced Life Technology, an advanced diagnostics and IP-based communications system embedded within the company’s data centre infrastructure equipment.

This new technology, previously unavailable in North America, proactively identifies and remotely diagnose problems and communicate them in real time.

The Colombus, Ohio-based company said that Life Technology-enabled remote diagnostics are a logical next step for Emerson, taking it from an individual components player to having a broader value proposition, said Frank Bibens, president of global services for Emerson Network Power.

“Until now, the lack of effective, real-time communication capabilities has limited the performance and wide applicability of today’s advanced monitoring and diagnostics systems. Life Technology has enabled us to be more proactive, and can, in many cases, solve problems before they occur.”

Life Technology uses advanced service level data and IP-based communication to alert Emerson Network Power customer engineers of issues or potential issues within the data centre infrastructure. In the event of a failure, the response would include the immediate dispatch of a service technician armed with detailed knowledge of the problem and the parts needed to fix it, minimizing or avoiding unplanned downtime. The traditional service protocol model relies on a technician being dispatched to the scene to diagnose the problem onsite and then spending precious time plotting a response and locating replacement parts. LIFE Technology eliminates those limitations and can decrease the average Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) by nearly 12 hours, the company said.

Life Technology is embedded in Emerson Network Power UPS systems sold globally through the channel. It will be introduced in Emerson cooling systems later this year and in Emerson Network Power infrastructure technologies within the next 12 months.