lenovo yoga A12 2

Published: February 6th, 2017

If you’re an Android lover, you may love the new tablet from Lenovo.

The company has introduced the Yoga A12, a lightweight convertible tablet that runs the Android operating system for users who don’t want to give up the mobile experience.

“We found a segment of users who grew up with Android as their first-ever computing experience—either on their family tablet or a personal smartphone,” Lenovo says in a blog post announcing the tablet on Feb. 6. “For these users, Android and productivity weren’t mutually exclusive—the smartphone or tablet experience can be seamlessly extended to the personal computer. That’s why we created the Yoga A12. It pairs the mobility of tablets and smartphones with productivity features to enable a versatile experience.”

lenovo yoga A12 1
The four setups of the Yoga A12.

Modeled after Lenovo’s Yoga Book tablet series, which were released in 2016, the A12 boasts a 12.2-inch HD screen that has a has a 360-degree hinge to allows users to work on the tablet in four different setups – laptop style, tablet, kickstand, etc.

At its slimmest, the A12 measures 5.4mm thick and weighs less than one kilogram, mainly due to its Halo keyboard – a flat touchscreen keyboard with light up keys. The keyboard, which was first launched with Lenovo’s Yoga Book collection, “weaves software and hardware into one fluid interface” and also features smart technology. Through built-in prediction and artificial learning software, the keyboard can adapt to a user’s typing habits and becomes faster and more accurate the more it’s used.

Despite its diminutive size, the A12 comes with two Dolby Atmos speakers, and is powered by Intel Atom’s x5 processor with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. Additionally, it features a 13-hour battery life on one charge.

Users can choose from gunmetal grey or rose gold for their tablet, which is constructed of magnesium and aluminum. Pricing starts at $299 (USD) and will be available on Feb. 8 through Lenovo’s website.