Published: March 16th, 2017

Moving forward Lenovo PC HK Ltd. will be using Immersion Corp.’s touch feedback technology in the new Lenovo A12 2-in-1 Android tablet, better known as the Yoga A12.

Immersion, which is one of the leading developers and licencors of touch feedback technology, will be using its TouchSense technology in regards to the Yoga A12’s Halo keyboard. Since the A12 uses a “keyless keyboard”, this technology will be give users a “highly interactive input experience with the sensation of keys”. This technology from Immersion will also give the Halo keyboard the ability to include vibration and sound effect dual feedback, and the double linear vibration is used to make it actually feel like the user is typing on a keyboard.

“As a pioneer in haptics, we create the most advanced tactile effects for mobile devices and are excited that the Lenovo A12 is now in the market,” said Shuo Liu, Immersion’s China representative director and country manager in a statement. “We are excited to continue and grow our partnership with Lenovo as it differentiates its products with haptics.”

Since the Yoga 12 features the Halo Keyboard, it allowed Lenovo to make it one of its thinnest 2-in-1 tablets yet. The Halo keyboard was initially introduced in earlier Yoga Books which were designed for sketching and note-taking. With its haptic feedback and prediction and artificial learning software, Lenovo says that the keyboard can “learn and adapt to your typing habits”.

Immersion’s TouchSense technology can also be seen in other devices, including mobile devices, and it’s software can be used by mobile OEMs.

The Lenovo Yoga 12 is currently available for $299 USD.