Published: January 19th, 2017

As more and more security solutions ditch the human element and turn to automation, security solution provider is going in a different direction – putting the human at the center of it all.’s Information Governance Solution takes this ideology to heart when it comes to email and document management. The company aims to reduce human error when classifying emails and documents by providing tools that are ‘easy to use’ in Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint.

“Automation is useful when there is a clear pattern to define email as a business record such as specific text in the email’s subject line or a specific sender. However, only five per cent of all emails are records and only the Information Worker has the knowledge to identify a business-critical email such as a customer’s request for requirements change,” CEO Yaacov Cohen told CDN.

The human has all the power here – they’re just given more tools to work with so that nothing slips through the cracks. For instance, when receiving an email, the user is automatically prompted to enter the necessary metadata needed for classification.

Another example would be creating a rule in Outlook that every email tagged with a single word or set of words would be automatically saved or classified in a designated area. And if the user still wants to do that process manually, they can still drag and drop emails or documents as needed.

“ empowers the human to make business decisions and easily file an email as a record, while lowering the compliance burden by automating mundane tasks. This combined approach of automation and self-service ensures the success of email management initiatives by putting the human at the center of compliance initiatives,” said Cohen.

You can read more about the Information Governance Solution on’s website.