Published: February 5th, 2018

Dell EMC is continuing to expand its protection storage portfolio with its latest product that targets mid-sized organizations and enterprise remote or branch office environments.

The company has unveiled the Dell EMC Data Domain DD3300, an all-encompassing cloud-based data protection platform that offers multi-site scalability, advanced data verification and encryption, and coverage for a wide variety of applications.

With data protection and managing increasing numbers of applications on a constrained budget a continuous challenge for businesses, Dell EMC says the DD3300 consolidates an organization’s environments onto one platform that boasts enterprise-grade protection and flexibility.

“We want organizations to get enterprise-level cloud protection that enables them to use a wide variety of applications, vertical applications, virtual, or home-grown or custom apps,” says Richa Dhanda, director of product marketing for data protection at Dell EMC.

Richa Dhanda, director of product marketing for data protection at Dell EMC

DD3300 can extend to the cloud for long-term retention by leveraging Data Domain Cloud Tier, and also enables naively-tiered deduplicated data to the cloud for long-term retention without the need for a separate cloud gateway or virtual appliance, according to a Feb. 5 press release. It adds that twice the capacity of the DD3300’s active tier can be sent to the cloud, which allows for management of up to 4.8 PB of logical capacity from a single appliance.

Additionally, automated data movement means the cloud can become a “natural part” of the protection ecosystem. Cloud platforms supported include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, and more.

Dell EMC says the DD3300 has an average data reduction rate of 10-55x, which provides “dramatic cost savings” and significant WAN bandwidth savings of up to 98 per cent, according to Dhanda. She explains that the product also supports cloud disaster recovery.

And because of its multi-site scalability via the Data Domain replicator, the DD3300 provides fast and encrypted replication of data from remote offices to central data centres.

Dhanda tells CDN that the product is “specifically built for smaller environments” and that she is seeing great feedback/excitement about DD3300 from them.

“Because it really addresses the customer requirement that they’ve been sharing with us for this segment, I think it’s a win-win for our customers and our channel partners. They’ll be able to get accelerated time to value and our channel partners will be able to see increased sales velocity when they’re selling this product. This is a win-win for all of us,” she continues.

It is globally available as of Jan. 25.