Published: May 8th, 2013

Global data center services provider CyrusOne has launched its first Internet Exchange (IX) platform supporting the processing and data management requirements of oil and gas companies.

Called the Seismic IX, it provides the the oil and gas industry with flexibility, reliability and a range of choices for massive, real-time data transfer and multi-point accessibility of exploration and operational software.

The increasing volume of data in the oil and gas industry has led decision-makers to partner with information technology providers to help optimize the data capture, analysis and decision-making process.

Josh Snowhorn, vice president and general manager for Interconnection at CyrusOne, said oil and gas companies generate tremendous amounts of data associated with seismic exploration efforts that are being stored, processed, and analyzed in CyrusOne’s data centers. The Seismic IX platform is a highly cost-effective means for oil and gas customers to move and manipulate immense data sets between CyrusOne data centers, their own enterprise data centers, and third-party facilities within a metro area or city-to-city.

The CyrusOne Seismic IX offers low-cost data transfer between CyrusOne data centre facilities in Houston and enables customers to access connections with any provider or partner at any connected facility. Therefore, customers have additional transport options rather than having to choose solely between telecom carriers housed within a specific facility. As a result, customers can gain significant advantages in performance, efficiency, and workflow continuity.

During the last decade, CyrusOne has developed data centre engineering capabilities to handle the highest-density computing environments in the oil and gas industry. These high-performance data centrer give customers the flexibility to leverage the most advanced server technology, accommodating 250 watts per square foot and higher.

Earlier this year, the CyrusOne Texas Internet Exchange (IX) was launched connecting all major sites in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. CyrusOne operates 24 carrier-neutral data centre facilities across the United States, Europe, and Asia.