Published: November 1st, 2016

Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions provider, Maximizer Services, has released Maximizer CRM 2017, the latest edition of its CRM platform.

Maximizer CRM 2017 features new automation, enhanced business process configuration, expanded API infrastructure, and tiered pricing, all in an effort to push CRM as a system of engagement. With this platform, customers can collect and manage off types of customer relationship data, whether it be sales, marketing, customer support, or business analytics.

The full CRM platform includes sales, marketing, and customer service modules, cloud and on-premises deployment options, configuration, and multi-level security infrastructure as well. Maximizer CRM 2017 connects different enterprise applications such as Microsoft Office 365 throughout organizations to form a larger picture of the operation, especially during the acquisition of new customers, and retention and expansion of existing customers.

“The 2017 release is focused on automating repetitive tasks to free up time for customer engagement, giving users the power to create business processes for each client segment, enabling more front and back office integrations to deliver deeper insight, and making Maximizer CRM easier to navigate,” said Peter Nielsen, Maximizer Services manage of products.

Based out of Vancouver, Maximizer Services aims this product at helping businesses use CRM applications as a system of engagement throughout the entire customer life cycle, from acquisition to retention and expansion. To date, Maximizer Services has shipped over one million licenses to more than 150,000 customers around the globe.