Project Squared Cisco enterprise collaboration

Published: February 19th, 2013

Cisco has put in motion more than $1.5 billion in recent acquisitions into Quantum, a mobile network intelligence system for service providers that may enable them to provide greater network programmability.

Cisco said Quantum is a key building block for delivering new network services that can boost the bottom line for service providers and those solution providers who partner with them. The Quantum suite includes:

Cisco Quantum Network Abstraction Suite: provides a real-time network abstraction layer for network data collection, aggregation and orchestration to augment available information in all network decision processes.

Cisco Quantum Policy Suite: offers a next-generation policy management solution that enables service providers to scale, control, monetize and personalize any service on any type of network through a flexible, interactive architecture that supports application-centric policy capabilities.

Cisco Quantum Analytics Suite: provides business and network analytics capabilities that enable both historical and real-time predictive policy decisions. It includes dashboards for data visualization and programmable interfaces to create system alerts in conjunction with policy.

Cisco Quantum Wide Area Network (WAN) Orchestration Suite: provides network management tools to simplify capacity and traffic management, increase network efficiency, and reduce operational costs for service providers, particularly in IP/MPLS (Internet Protocol/Multiprotocol Label Switching) environments.