Published: October 6th, 2017

Ceridian is the latest company to create a partner program for its flagship software solution.

The global human capital management technology company has announced the creation of its Dayforce Software Partner Program, which will give Ceridian’s software partners and application developers access to its Dayforce application programming interfaces (APIs).

Dayforce is Ceridian’s solution that helps customers manage compliance, make better decisions, develop team behaviour, and drive employee engagement. The new partner program will make Dayforce human capital management (HCM) data available across other solutions and help organizations connect with them through Dayforce. This access will allow Dayforce customers to leverage certified API integrations from approved partners for better operations, improved communication, and cost savings.

“Many of our customers have made investments in best-of-breed technology,” Jim Jensen, Senior Vice President, Global Partners and Alliances at Ceridian, says in an Oct. 4 press release. “Our goal is to help them protect their technology investments by providing the tools and resources required for seamless connectivity with Dayforce HCM. The single application architecture behind Dayforce HCM is a true differentiator, making it easy for our partners to develop a single connection between Dayforce HCM and other applications.”

This move will open up Dayforce’s API to third-party developers in order to “build an ecosystem of applications” around the solution. The Minneapolis, Minn.-based company adds that this could be a “golden opportunity” for business-to-business startups, who will be able to market their solutions alongside Dayforce HCM with seamless integration.

The program will offer developers easy-to-use tools, step-by-step guides, libraries, and support to educate and assist in the development of successful Dayforce HCM API integrations.

“Building a single connector between systems gives our customers a better understanding of their business and provides their employees with a more seamless and unified experience,” Jensen adds.

Chris Harley, vice president of sales at DataBasics, a Ceridian partner, says he is “excited” about the program, which will enrich customer experience.

“By integrating our employee reporting solutions with Dayforce HCM, we can unleash the full potential of our data,” he continues.

Another Ceridian partner, Natural Insight, echoes these thoughts.

“Joining forces with Ceridian is a natural fit, as we share a similar vision of transforming workforce management through best-in-class technology,” says Stefan Midford, CEO at Natural Insight. “Customers who rely on Ceridian’s powerful human capital management technology to increase productivity and profitability turn to our retail execution software for the same reasons. Integrating both solutions will provide customers with more value through increased time-saving and compliance.”