CEA: Insite best in collaboration at CEAs

Published: October 25th, 2010

The Channel Elite Awards prize for Best Collaborative Solution involves a solution that saw at least two solution providers working together to deliver value to a customer that they couldn’t have on their own. The award will not consider a solution provider in the channel working with a vendor or manufacturer for example.

Insite Computer Group, which also won a bronze award in Small Business, a silver award as the Best Service Organization, and another silver for Best Cloud Solution, took home the Best Collaborative Solution award along with its partner Maxx Global. Insite was approached by Maxx Global, a communications company with an emergency situation involving a billion dollar organization whose patients was wearing thin. This company virtually overnight put a temporary solution that got the customer off the hook. Maxx Global’s customer SNC Lavalin had a potentially disastrous situation on their hands.

Insite decided to provide a complete infrastructure move and facility within a very short time frame. Insite provided around the clock managed support for the SMC’s network backbone only including OC3 links, firewalls and switches all from Insite’s Toronto data centre.

SNC Lavalin was moving office locations and 30 days prior to the move found out they could not move their network backbone to the new location as it did not have the fiber access required for their OC3 lines. They contacted their national telco, who could not facilitate their requirements at any of their data centre locations.

Insite immediately put a solution together that would meet their requirements. As a temporary measure until fiber would be provisioned in their new location (promise from the telco was 99 days). Insite was able to build the proper secure infrastructure required by the customer. And, because of Insite’s innovative last minute solution it was awarded the business.