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Channel Elite Awards


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a cost associated with an entry?
    No, there is no fee to enter a submission(s).
  2. Can I email or mail my submission?
    No, all submissions must be received through our online submission system.
  3. What information about our submission(s) will you be disclosing to the public so we can get the necessary approvals from our respective clients?
    We ask that each applicant provides a contact list of executives from within the company and at the customer site for verification and follow-up as required. However should the customer request that we do not use their name anywhere (print/online/event), we will not disclose that information.
  4. Can I make changes to my entry once it has been submitted?
    If you do not delete your browsing history you may return at a later date, make changes and re-submit. If you are not able to make changes through this process, please contact Desere or Sophia at
  5. Can we include with our submission additional supporting material?
    You could include additional materials by emailing them to Desere at or Sophia at Judging is based on the content of the online submission form.
  6. Can we submit the same solution in multiple categories?
  7. Our solution was completed in December 2016 and invoiced in January 2017, can we still submit for this year’s award?
  8. Our solution is currently being used by a company or department of 100 but will be used shortly by 300 seats. Are we eligible to submit within the Best Enterprise Solution?
    No, the solution must be used by 251 or more. This solution can be submitted in the Small Business Solution category. It can also be re-submitted for next years event if it is part of a phased-in approach.
  9. When we provide evidence of measurable improvements in sales/revenues, do we have to provide numbers in $, or we can show the improvement in %?
    You can use either.
  10. How do we contact you?
    Sponsorship Inquiry: Brad McBride 416-290-0273
    Submission Forms and Gala Registration: Desere Cowin 416-290-o288 or Sophia Khan 
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