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Sophos implements a revised channel strategy

After the announcement of its new channel strategy and promise to stay 100 per cent channel committed, Sophos, an Oxford, U.K.-based IT security and control solution provider, is expanding its North American market

Published on: January 28th, 2008 Maxine Cheung

Net Privacy

Tom Keenan both amused and scared me at the GTEC conference in Ottawa recently.Keenan, a professor at the University of Calgary, as well as a writer and broadcaster, gave a presentation called “Where

Published on: January 28th, 2008 Grant Buckler

The Bourne identity

During SecTor, a two-day IT security education conference held in Toronto and the first event of its kind in central Canada, over 400 IT professionals from across the country were briefed on the

Published on: January 18th, 2008 Maxine Cheung

Abaca looking to eradicate spam

Abaca Technology Corp., a San Jose, Calif.-based e-mail protection and messaging security company, will be one to watch this year not because they want to eradicate spam, but for their major channel launch

Published on: January 18th, 2008 Maxine Cheung

Frank Abagnale breaks his silence

At Computerworld's Storage Networking World conference, Frank Abagnale gave a keynote presentation on his life as an imposter and fraudster, a story that was told in the book and subsequent Steven Spielberg movie,

Published on: January 17th, 2008 CDN Staff

Arming officers with BlackBerries

That's the reaction of the Cape Breton Regional Police Service (CBRPS) towards a solution implemented by solution provider Xwave, which saw its officers equipped with customized BlackBerry handheld PDAs to access critical information

Published on: January 16th, 2008 Jeff Jedras

Communication Connections Canada wins gold in service

The results from their efforts and work are what earned CCCanada this year's gold award for best service organization.Vikash Ambwani, founder and president of CCCanada, said the company first started working with The

Published on: January 16th, 2008 Maxine Cheung

Creating a new business model

A Microsoft Gold partner based in Gatineau, Que., Cactus Commerce worked with EPSI to develop a customized solution to quickly and securely turn around thousands of recruitment tests across a multitude of industry

Published on: January 16th, 2008 Jeff Jedras

Security predictions for 2008

At the beginning of each year I like to talk about what did or didn't happen during the past year, and what to expect in the coming year. Unlike past years, I'll try

Published on: January 9th, 2008 Roger A. Grimes

The top 25 newsmakers of 2007 – Number 14: Fiaaz Walji

This past year has been a busy and eventful one for global Web and desktop security software provider, Websense Inc. as the company continued to expand its growth and brand within the Canadian

Published on: December 21st, 2007 ITBusiness Staff

The top 25 newsmakers of 2007 – Number 6: Michael Murphy

Security threats have taken on a new guise in 2007, something Symantec Canada's top boss hasn't seen in his 13 years with the company. While there's the usual culprits like spam, phishing and

Published on: December 21st, 2007 Sarah Lysecki

VeriSign pushes extended security

Solution providers can now offer an extra layer of online protection to keep Web sites from being hacked by identity thieves and fraudsters.VeriSign Canada is now deploying through the channel VeriSign Extended Validation

Published on: November 29th, 2007 Shane Schick

On the hunt for higher margins

Believe it or not, there once was a time when anything associated with computers or high tech automatically came with margins that would have made even a profit-loving Ferengi smile (Ferengi, for non-Star

Published on: October 31st, 2007 Lynn Greiner

Blocking Firefox

Hey, you there, reading this column. Yeah, punk, I mean you.Have you looked at every advertisement in this paper? You haven't? You thief! How dare you steal my work! This publication exists to

Published on: October 24th, 2007 Grant Buckler

Microsoft launches PerformancePoint Server 2007 business intelligence solution

Ryan Dochuk, product marketing manager for business intelligence at Microsoft Canada, says Microsoft has had a business intelligence vision for nearly nine years. This vision encompasses Microsoft's goal to provide tools that allow

Published on: October 23rd, 2007 Maxine Cheung