Published: February 19th, 2015

Rick Brown, the Canadian channel chief of NetApp Canada, is looking to recruit new partners, but not for his channel strategy.

Instead he needs people to shave their heads clean. No that is not a typo. Brown is part of the St. Baldrick’s event on April 30. The event has become a fun night for the channel and does something quite special in that it shows solidarity for those that are in the battle of their lives.

“One of the things that I like about the Information Technology sector is that everyone carries a goal,” said Brown, a board member of the Canadian Channel Chiefs Council. “By carrying a goal everyone has a sense of purpose so you don’t often find lazy people in this business.  We all seem to be driven because we all want to overachieve.  Some people try to overachieve for the money, some for the notoriety that it brings and some simply for the thrill of the sale.  The fact is that we all know how to manage this process because we live and breathe this process every day.”

If you are interested in getting your head shaved check out or if you just want to make a donation go to

So far 34 brave people are planning to get their heads shaved including Brown. They come from NetApp Canada, Avnet Canada, VMware Canada and Arrow Canada, but more is needed.

Brown has a goal of 50 shavees by the end of next week: Feb. 20th. Last year he got 99.

But he is looking to reach 120 shavees and more than 30 volunteers. If this goal is reached it will mean $150,000 will be raised for a good cause.

I encourage you all to support the St. Baldrick’s event.  Again, click on or

Two quick hits before I go: Its Oscar season and Larry J. Hornbeck, the inventor of the digital micromirror device or DLP technology while at Texas Instruments will be awarded an Academy Award of Merit for his contribution in revolutionizing how motion pictures are created, distributed and viewed.

Cognitio Corp. announced Matt Southmayd has been appointed as a member of the leadership team as Vice President of Commercial Markets. He used to work for Gartner Group.