Published: October 9th, 2014

Yes, another version of Windows. Doesn’t it seem like Microsoft has a pattern with their Windows operating systems? Great one, then a dud, then another great one, then another dud: XP, Vista, 7, 8. I remember loving XP and hating Vista, then rejoicing when 7 came out and booing when they released 8.

So, if the pattern holds, Windows 10 should be a return to something awesome. And all the hype is definitely pointing in that direction.

Have you thought about the possible marketing opportunities for your managed services business around Windows 10? If you are like many managed services companies, you have downloaded the technical preview (which is now available) and you are sharing your feedback with your peers, and that is where it stops.

What about the marketing opportunity? Have you stopped to think about how you can inform your clients, your prospects, and even the wider marketplace about Windows 10? How can you use your evaluation of Windows 10 to differentiate your managed services business from all your competitors?

After all… most MSPs won’t do any marketing around Windows 10! But not for clients of Ulistic. Many of our clients understand the importance of sharing even early information about upcoming technologies with the market. Why? It’s about leadership and positioning your company as the top managed services company.

Nick Nouri who runs Compunet, a Vancouver Canada information systems consulting company, is actively testing Windows 10 internally with his team. Nick tells us, “So far one thing stands out similar to Mac is the ability to create multiple Desktops. Also, some features such as Start we are missing in 8.1.” Compunet plans to host a number of Windows 10 technical events and demonstrations around Vancouver, showing off Windows 10 to the Vancouver market and creating buzz with his clients.

Another managed services organization excited about the upcoming launch of Windows 10 is New Jersey IT support company, Link High Technologies. Victor Liu, President of Link High, says, “The new version of Windows shows a lot promise and should compel users who are still on XP and Windows 7 to move to the latest Windows platform. ” Link High is also happy to see the return of the start menu (and who isn’t?).

Victor also knows that it’s important to get ahead of the curve so his team is ready to position themselves as the experts in Windows 10. “It important for Link High Technologies to test the latest Windows version, so we are ready to answer and deploy the solution when it is generally available and not months afterwards.”

Both Compunet and Link High Technologies are committed to sharing their experiences throughout the technical preview and beta process with Windows 10.

What can your managed services company do now to get ready for Windows 10?

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Start running with Windows 10 Technical Preview on your computer so you can start to understand how it works and what the strengths and limitations of Windows 10 are.
  2. Start sharing your thoughts weekly in your company blog. Share your experiences and even use video capture solutions to show off some of the basic features and differences from other Windows operating systems.
  3. Schedule Windows 10 events and demonstrations. Talk to your Chamber of Commerce and business associations to show off Windows 10 to the business community.
  4. Host a webinar and invite clients and prospects to learn more about Windows 10.