Articles By Stuart Crawford

Death of MSPs may be just around the corner

It’s time for Managed Services Providers (MSPs) to take a lesson from the retail world – change or die. Target didn’t learn this lesson in Canada, and they’ve paid the price for it

Published on: February 4th, 2015 Stuart Crawford

MSPs: Don’t fall victim to new anti-spam laws

A warning to Canadian MSPs: You could be violating the new anti-spam laws just by monitoring your clients’ systems! Are you using remote tools to monitor your clients’ network? Do you have the ability

Published on: January 26th, 2015 Stuart Crawford

How the Internet of Things might save the PC

One of the best sentences to come out of Michael Dell’s mouth: “The PC isn’t dead.” Beautiful. It’s really easy to get caught up in the mobile craze right now and fixate on

Published on: January 21st, 2015 Stuart Crawford

The difference between competition and a competitor

When I ask you who your competition is, you’re probably thinking about the other MSP down the street, and how they got that great contract you wanted. But here’s the thing: that MSP

Published on: January 12th, 2015 Stuart Crawford

Don’t be too hasty to give a cloud prescription

It sounds like I’m asking you to strap a jetpack to your back and blast off into the sky, doesn't it? “The Future of Technology!” But we all know that IT is evolving rapidly right

Published on: December 16th, 2014 Stuart Crawford

Four new ways to bring a systematic approach for lead generation

Referrals are the best source for qualified leads for any MSP. Are you leveraging them to their fullest extent? A lot of MSPs don’t really take advantage of referrals. Do you have a

Published on: December 10th, 2014 Stuart Crawford

How an MSP’s Web presence transforms strangers into promoters

We all know what an amazing tool the Internet is for marketing an MSP, but are you using that tool correctly? It’s more than just slapping up a website and connecting it to

Published on: December 3rd, 2014 Stuart Crawford

MSPs need to stop being boring

Selling your service is all about the message. Too many Managed Services Providers (MSP) sing the same song over and over. They go in and offer the same services as everyone else but try

Published on: November 27th, 2014 Stuart Crawford

Give them something to talk about

Who are you targeting when you put your name out there? It’s an important question. After all, there are a LOT of MSPs crowding the market right now, and the opportunities for recurring

Published on: November 24th, 2014 Stuart Crawford

Sales lessons from Dell World 2014

I’ve had a day to percolate a bit on Michael Dell’s opening remarks at Dell World 2014, and I’ve got to say, I’m still impressed. There’s a lot to admire about the way

Published on: November 7th, 2014 Stuart Crawford

Why talking anti-spam could be good for MSPs

When’s the last time you thought about anti-spam? “Wow Stuart,” you might say. “Who cares? What a basic service.” Well, you are right that anti-spam is a basic service, but that’s exactly why

Published on: November 5th, 2014 Stuart Crawford

Have you been listening to your customers?

One of the biggest keys to success for a managed service provider (MSP) is to choose strategic partners that you can leverage to impress your clients. You know who’s one of the best

Published on: November 5th, 2014 Stuart Crawford

Business continuity is not just about backup

Over Thanksgiving  (that’s in October up here in the Great North, for all you Americans scratching your heads and looking at the calendar) 2,100 Calgary businesses were thrust into complete darkness over– another

Published on: October 30th, 2014 Stuart Crawford

Why getting rid of clients can be a good thing for MSPs

Fire your clients. That’s abrupt, isn’t it? But it absolutely needs to be said. You can’t just be constantly barreling forward taking on whatever business comes your way. Why? Because you are worth

Published on: October 24th, 2014 Stuart Crawford

Security opportunities for MSPs

What is the biggest thing in tech news today? It’s not the cloud, and it’s definitely not “managed services.” With the advent of things like Office 365, it’s just not all that interesting

Published on: October 17th, 2014 Stuart Crawford