Toshiba Canada unveiled an eco-friendly multi-function printer called the e-Studio306LP that comes with a sidekick unit that erases toner enabling users to reuse the paper up to five times.

The sidekick unit is branded the e-StudioRD30. The RD stands for “reusing device” and it can sort printing paper even paper with hand-written annotations, digitize them, save them and file them away in an archive. This MFP also has a proprietary chip so that the data drive is encrypted.

In this video product review, Al Perkins, pre-sales support for Toshiba Office Products, give CDN a demo of the combo-products.

Perkins said that the marketplace will not get rid of paper altogether, especially in North American. But there are markets in Japan, and Europe where the concept of social responsibility and sustainability is important.

Kim Luces, Toshiba Canada’s environmental and corporate social responsibility manager, said that the company’s eco-friendly strategy started 20 years ago and what the vision is today is to harmonize the digital lifestyle to the social responsibility and the green movement.

The e-Studio306LP and the RD30 can reduce paper by 80 per cent and the C02 emissions drop by 55 per cent.

The e-Studio306LP with RD30 starts at $15,000.

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