World’s largest digital camera one step closer to reality

Published: April 25th, 2012

World’s largest digital camera one step closer to reality On ZDNet, reports. “The LSST telescope will capture about six million gigabytes per year, the equivalent of shooting roughly 800,000 images with a regular eight-megapixel digital camera every night. The images are expected to help unlock the secrets of dark energy and dark matter and aid studies of near-Earth asteroids, Kuiper belt objects, the structure of our galaxy, and many other areas of astronomy and fundamental physics,” he writes.

Symantec trims targets as subscriptions put off payday On The Register, Chris Mellor gives the details. “Oddly, Symantec’s net income, as implied by its earnings-per-share (EPS), is going up markedly. Its EPS in the quarter will be $0.78, contrasting to guidance of $0.23 to $0.24. The $0.78 number includes a one-time boost from Symantec’s sale of its interest in the Huawei-Symantec joint venture to Huawei,” Mellor reports.

Cloud Alliance for Google Apps set to grow On Talkin’ Cloud, looks at membership. “All of the initial alliance members have traction with “thousands” of customers, notes Politis. But the Cloud Alliance for Google Apps wants to make it even easier for customers and channel partners to find and select SaaS offerings that integrate with Google Apps,” he explains.