Why VoIP is not dead

Published: January 12th, 2009

January 12, 2009
VoIP is dead? – depends on what you define as VoIP
Network World
Avner Izhar responds to Cisco Subnet’s earlier posting where the question was asked if VoIP is “dead.” Here’s why he thinks it’s not.

“VoIP s not dead, not until a new technology will emerge and allow a better way to send audio over our sewage systems (or anything else), it might not be a competitive solution for home phones, but it is in every enterprise scale solution, it plays a major part in international service providers calls and I see an increasing demand for it as a replacement for pstn connectivity of organizations (sip trunk instead of T1 PRI).”

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Asus demos touchscreen Eee
Register Hardware
James Sherwood provides details about Asus’ upcoming touch-screen Eee PC, which it unveiled during this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

“The T91’s screen measures 8.9 inches and can swivel to turn the machine into a tablet PC. It weighs in at roughly two pounds, but is only one inch thick. Many of the machine’s specifications have been kept secret for the time being. But, we do know that the T91’s powered by Intel’s Z520 Atom processor. A launch date and price hasn’t been confirmed.”

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Storage Isn’t Much Of An Issue Any More
Carlo Longino looks at the issue of growing storage.

“The trade group behind the SD memory card format today announced a new standard, called SDXC, that will support memory cards of up to two terabytes for devices like digital cameras and cell phones. While the amount of storage that can be crammed into smaller and smaller physical formats continues to grow, the idea of being able to carry around two terabytes of data in a device like a smart phone still seems pretty amazing. Combined with the growth of broadband networks, particularly wireless ones, are we nearing a point where the accessibility of data will no longer be a concern?”

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