Steve Jobs’ promises: Kill Android, re-invent the TV

Published: October 24th, 2011

October 24, 2011

Steve Jobs’ promises: Kill Android, re-invent the TV: On The VAR Guy, Dave Courbanou gives his opinions on Jobs’ last projects. “Jobs clearly had a personal and emotional interest in the products he developed, and that may come as no surprise, especially since Jobs was more than a CEO at Apple. His name appears on a ton of Apple patents, from the iPhone to Apple Store glass staircases. But if Jobs wanted to make good on his promise, it’s likely he left Apple with plans to blow Android out of the water in the coming years. I suspect the next iPhone will be a realization of many of Jobs’ plans for the platform and device,” he writes. your opinion? 

Intel, MS destined to remain tablet underdogs: On The Register, Tony Smith looks at future tablet growth. “However, a glance at the researcher’s chart shows that, even by 2017, x86 – and that’s technically Intel and AMD offerings, not just Intel chips alone – hanging on to a mere 4.9 per cent of 330 million-odd tablets shipping during that year,” Smith writes. What’s your opinion? 

Cloud computing’s real creative destruction may be the IT workforce: On ZDNet, Larry Dignan looks at a Gartner theory on creative destruction. “If Gartner’s post-human industry theory, which dictates that intelligent machines will drive the economy more than people, pans out the economic implications will be huge. There is no need for a human-machine singularity to impact career prospects. Creative destruction looks great on the whiteboard, but there is a human cost,” he writes. What’s your opinion?