Plus, whether Apple’s CEO can make the company kinder and Best Buy closes 50 stores

PC bill of materials creeps higher On ZDNet,  provides a breakdown. “Hard drives account for 12 percent to 14 percent of a desktop’s bill of materials and 11 percent to 12 percent for a laptop. Apple is least impacted due to the use of solid state drives for MacBook Airs and iPads,” he writes. What’s your opinion?

Does Tim Cook represent a kinder, gentler Apple? On The VAR Guy, looks at the question. “Naturally, Apple was Jobs’ baby, but for Cook, building a warm and fuzzy Apple that everyone can love and enjoy might be more important. But would a kinder, gentler Apple still compete with Google? Mercilessly,” he writes. What’s your opinion?

Best Buy shuttering 50 stores, laying off staff in $800m cost slash On The Register, Paul Kunert reports on the closures. “Best Buy is planning to slash costs by $800m by 2015 including shedding $300m through stores closures, expunging $300m from the corporate and support structure and $200m from cost of goods sold,” he writes. What’s your opinion?

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