New Chromebooks to get a much-needed Ivy Bridge speed boost?

Published: April 5th, 2012

New Chromebooks to get a much-needed Ivy Bridge speed boost? On ZDNet, gives a report. “Outside of the education vertical, Chromebooks have faced stiff competition from tablets, partly because of perceived need and partly because of performance. Graphics-intensive web apps in particular suffer on the Atom-based Chromebooks and, for those not heavily vested in the Google ecosystem (especially Google Apps), they are perceived as web surfing, portable kiosks,” he writes. What’s your opinion?

IBM, Microsoft go big with big data technology offerings On Talkin’ Cloud, looks at the offerings. “IBM designed DB2 10 and InfoSphere 10 with three IT objectives in mind: integration with Big Data systems, compression of data to prevent ‘storage sprawl,’ and extraction — or ‘slicing’ — of data from past, present and future time frames to avoid costly application code,” he reports. What’s your opinion?

Anonymous turns its fire on China On The Register, Phil Muncaster reports on why. “This is the first major Anonymous campaign targeting China, which is somewhat strange given the government’s hardline stance on web censorship and human rights – two issues guaranteed to get the group’s attention. In fact, the hacking of several minor regional government sites is unlikely to cause much consternation at Communist Party headquarters, and the group’s messages on Pastebin and posted on the defaced sites will largely have failed to reach their audience given that they were written in English,” he writes. What’s your opinion?