Microsoft hikes volume prices in Europe by more than a third

Published: May 1st, 2012

Microsoft hikes volume prices in Europe by more than a third On The RegisterPaul Kunert reports. “The move, which affects the prices of products bought in bulk by organisations, was initiated following complaints from Microsoft bosses on the continent that were losing revenue to the UK channel, which had benefited from the lower valuation of sterling to undercut them,” he writes.

p>RIM’s challenge: Platforms don’t sell, gadgets do On ZDNet gives his take. “Techies get all excited about the details of how things work under the hood, but Joe Public doesn’t. What he wants to see is that super-duper, whiz-bang gadget that will set his world on fire. That new phone, tablet, or whatever that revolutionizes everything and that he absolutely must have,” he writes.

ChannelEyes team brainstorms next social media moves On The VAR Guy, the author gives some context and updates. “So what do early members want next from ChannelEyes? Godgart points to competitive analytics and business intelligence from vendors that can potentially help partners win more deals. Also, partners are looking for special offers from vendors – inventory clearances, special promotions and other information that’s sometimes hard to find out on the web,” he writes.