How LinkedIn can help you reach your targeted audience

Published: March 14th, 2011

March 14, 2011
Motorola Xoom Tablet Sales “Underwhelming”
Charlie White shares one analyst’s recap of Motorola’s Xoom tablet sales results.

“Analyst Peter Misek of Jefferies & Company tells ZDNet that Motorola’s tablet, even with its higher-resolution screen and faster processor than the Apple iPad 2, is not exactly flying off the shelves: ‘Xoom sales have been underwhelming. While marketing has just started we believe MMI will likely have to cut production if it already has not done so. We believe the device has been a bit buggy and did not meet the magic price point of $500. We believe management knows this and is hurrying development and production of lower cost tablets. Importantly we believe management will likely have to make the painful decision to accept little to no margin initially in order to match iPad 2’s wholesale pricing.’”

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Remote Management Services: Find the Right Monitoring Tools
Vikas Aggarwal highlights the opportunity partners can leverage when it comes to remote site management.

“Remote site management offers a niche, but growing revenue opportunity for service providers. As you consider expanding your portfolio of services to include remote site management, make sure that the enabling technology is capable of dealing with the unique environment of distant offices and sites.”

Social Media Marketing Tips for VARs
The VAR Guy
Bob Darabant shares some LinkedIn tips partners can use to better reach their target audience.

“Possibly the most ‘professional’ of all the social media sites, LinkedIn offers VARs some unique ways to reach your target audience. One way would be to start a professional group within LinkedIn that encourages members to initiate discussions and post news about that particular topic. For example, there is a marketing professionals group on LinkedIn where members share ideas about new marketing techniques, share stories and even pose questions about their own ideas and ask for opinions or suggestions for improvement. Creating this type of group would position your company as an expert in your area. If a group already exists which is a good match for your company; join the group and become an active member. Have a designated person start discussions and respond to others. It will only help elevate your company’s profile.”