Don’t look for a marriage between Google’s Chrome OS, found on Chromebook laptops, and Google’s Android OS, found on mobile devices; at least not any time soon.

While Microsoft choose to unify its mobile and desktop operating systems into one with the launch of Windows 8 – although it does maintain a lower functionality version in Windows RT — Google CEO Eric Schmidt told an event in Delhi recently that, while Chrome and Android will come to have more in common, they solve different problems and so will stay separate.

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“Chrome and Chromium are the world’s best HTML5 authoring and development systems,” Schmidt said, according to a report from Network World, while Java-based Android is focused on mobility.

SourceSchmidt: Chrome and Android will remain separate operating systems

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  • gisabun

    Surprised Google hasn’t announced that they’ll dump the Chrome OS. Under 500,000 Chromrebooks have been sold in the US – considered a huge failure since many were sold to [elementary] schools. And now they are trying to sell them [left over stock?] in Canada and Europe.

    • Jeff Jedras

      Google hasn’t been shy about dumping products in the past. Or, more recently, even popular ones, such as Google Reader. They still seem committed to Chrome OS though, despite its obvious limitations. Time will tell.