Published: March 27th, 2013

There may be other iPad keyboard cases on the market, but Belkin claims its offering is the “ultimate” one. At least that’s the name it has picked for the product.

First unveiled at CES back in January, Belkin’s Ultimate Keyboard Case for Apple’s iPad is available for pre-orders now and will be in retail in May. Using aluminum alloy and magnet construction, Belkin said the keyboard is just 6.4mm thin and weighing 17 ounces.

“We believe the Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case will reinvent the iPad user experience,” said Jamie Elgie, senior director of product management at Belkin, in a statement. “It gives the iPad all of the functionality of a laptop, while maintaining the sleek appeal of a tablet.”

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The keyboard case marries a durable aluminum alloy base with a precise iPad keyboard and, when not in use, the keyboard automatically shuts off to help save battery life. It uses Belkin’s TruType keys to provide a better typing experience, and the cover protects the tablet screen from starches. The case also features SoundFlow design, which Belkin claims enhances audio clarity and directs the sound toward the user.

The Bluetooth 2.0 keyboard case claims 160 hours of battery life with constant use, and six months of standby time, and is recharged via a Micro USB cable. Its prices at $99.99 for the black model and $129.99 for the white.